Sunday, March 2, 2014

Continents, Dr. Seuss, & a FREEBIE!

I can't believe we are into March already! I have been sitting down looking at my curriculum, trying to map what I am going to be teaching the remainder of the year and I must say, I am a tad stressed about it. With 8 snow days [and counting] this year I feel like I've lost a lot of time! I'm tired of the never-ending game of catch-up and just hope I can fit in everything! Is anyone else feeling the same way?

The last two weeks we have been working on our geography skills. This past week, to reinforce the continent and ocean names we labeled our student groups and the floor as the continents and oceans. The students were SO excited to pick out their group labels and now we refer to their groups as the different continent names - SO fun! We also labeled 4 areas of the floor the different ocean names. They pretend they are swimming from one ocean to the other! I love it!


Since I only have 12 students in pods of 3, there needed to be some other areas labeled as the continents. My desk became North America, our reading table is Africa, and our library is Europe :)

This week we also celebrated Read Across America Day with Dr. Seuss projects! The students were given different selections to pick from as a response to a Seuss book of their choice.
They were working so hard on them this past week - I was SO proud of them! Some chose to write  play and make puppets to go with it, one was designing a magazine advertisement for a book that included a summary. Another student was writing a newspaper article about their book, another was writing a letter to the main character from the Butter Battle Book, and some were writing about the setting of the story and creating dioramas to match!  I left early on Friday to go to a weekend long scrapbooking retreat :) I can't wait to go in Monday morning and see their finished creations!
I'll be sure to post pictures here to show them all off ;)

Here's two students in the works:

I love how hard this little learner was working to proof read her story summary by reading it over. She is such a hard worker!!

We started our unit on time and money this past week in math. We were working on telling time two different ways as well as elapsed time and I realized I desperately needed to label my clock to help some of the kiddos out. I decided to make them color-coded after we talked about the quarter hours to help them see the difference :)
You can download them from my TpT store here!

Please let me know what you think about them if you download them! :)

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