Thursday, March 6, 2014

O-H So Awesome!

I am O-H So Excited to announce that my amazing, gorgeous, and genius little sister is starting a blog!! She is leaving us in the fall to attend Veterinary School at THE Ohio State University! I am so proud of her hard work to graduate with her undergraduate degree in just 3 short years... but I have to say I am going to miss the heck out of her. I already do....she is about 3 hours away at California University of PA and doesn't make it home enough! [not her fault though!] But I have to say that I KNEW she would be accepted to vet school.
I watched her stress about her grades, her application, her interview, and finally the waiting time. But I was ELATED to be able to tell her "I told you so!" I never once doubted her intelligence or ability!
Now that she is off to get a great education doing exactly what God made her to do, she has decided to blog about it! She asked for my advice and after some terribly concocted blog titles, I thought of my own blog and "O-H So Veterinary" was born! We now have "Sister Blogs," quite literally! haha

Head on over and check her out by clicking this link. She is pretty hilarious and I am sure that her journey into the world of veterinary medicine will be quite interesting, especially through her eyes :)

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  1. Thanks sis!! It made me feel so special and blessed to read that! I truly have the best sister in the Universe and I thank God for you everyday! Love you!!! :)