Thursday, July 17, 2014

5 Reasons I Love Summer!

Hi Friends!

So, I am sure that I can safely assume that as a teacher you are just like me... you love having summer off! Am I right!? It's not the reason I am a teacher, and I am sure it's not the reason you are either.. but it's a great perk to an already amazing job [scratch that] LIFESTYLE!

I am also sure I can say that most of us like having summers off for most of the same reasons. But I started thinking about these reasons last night as I snuggled into bed to count my blessings, and thought I would share them with you!

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5. School Supply Season - Though this season {which is already upon us!!} marks the countdown until we return and summer is officially over.. I am a total school supply nerd! I love shopping for markers, pencils, erasers, glue sticks, post-it notes, and new planners. I love the bright colors of the new binders on the shelves and the stacks of notebooks. I also love searching for those awesome penny deals at Staples and Office Max week in and week out. I thoroughly enjoy opening new purchases and putting them away at gives me a small thrill! :) haha

4. SUNSHINE! - I am sure most people love summer for this reason. Sunshine just makes me so happy! I REALLY enjoy laying out {more than I should} and you won't be the first one to tell me to put on sunscreen instead of tanning oil and how bad it all is for me. But I just love a good summer tan, and tan lines - they rock! I love the warm feeling when I lay out on a towel and soak up the sun, the blue sky, and the fresh air of God's amazing Creation. I also get to chill out with my pup some more and slow down for a bit. It's my "me time" and I get it as often as I can!

3. Babysitting My Nephew - Caleb is my ONLY nephew... and I just love him! He can be rotten at times {his mother's word, not mine!} but I wouldn't trade my special time with him for anything! I usually get to watch him 2 days a week, and though it is exhausting, I NEVER regret it! He helps me mow the grass {he rides on the mower with me :)} and we go to the park and play for hours. He keeps Reagan young and can't wait for Uncle Dave to come home. In fact, I get to watch him tomorrow and can't wait! 

2. Creating TpT Products - When I am in the mode.. I HAVE to work! Usually during the school year, that time comes few and far between. No matter how hard I try, I just can't set aside ample time to work and just CREATE. But that's okay.. because I make up for it in the summer! I love looking through clip art and digital papers to make a beautiful design for that item I just haven't had the time to make for school. You know, that one that would be so nice to have but is stuck at the bottom of your to-do list {the to-do list teachers never get to finish!} It's nice to just and create and see what inspiration God gives me that day.. because let's face it - I could NEVER come up with stuff on my own!

1. Sleeping In! - I know, I know.. that one is pretty obvious. I mean who doesn't love the feeling of not having to set an alarm and get up when you feel well-rested!? If you're like me and are NOT a morning person, this is definitely number one! I LOVE to sleep. But there are 2 other reasons I love sleeping in that for the simple fact of sleeping itself.  First, every morning before he leaves {as long as I was smart enough to remember to pack his lunch the night before!} my hubby comes in to kiss me goodbye and tell me he loves me. Now, usually, I am a giant grump when I first wake up. But this is the ONLY time where I am not. It makes waking up for that 5 seconds absolutely wonderful, and he does it every. single. day. {swoon} As soon as he leaves, my other favorite reason for getting to sleep in occurs: my sweet pup Reagan jumps into bed and cuddles with me until we decide to get up for the day. Both things make every summer morning (or snow day, or holiday, or any day off) my absolute number one reason why I love summer!

I could DEFINITELY go on, and on, and on....and on! with more reasons why I love summer! Time to read, take Reagan to the dog park, baseball games, my family reunion, wedding season, etc., etc.. but those 5 top the list! It really is the little things in life that make us happiest and why I am O-H SO BLESSED!!

I hope you'll join in on the conversation with me and share your top 5 reasons for loving summer too! 


  1. Just found your so-sweet blog from Abby's little link-up on fb:) Love your summer list! Wish I had more than only 2 weeks to enjoy some of those wonderful things...I will miss sleeping in:(

  2. Thank you for your sweet words...I am so glad you stopped by! Enjoy every second of your last two weeks! :)