Thursday, July 10, 2014


I have never done a link up before, let alone host one... but hey! there's a first time for everything, and if you wanna do something, why not go ALL IN!?

Speaking of all in... that reminds me of poker... which reminds me of Vegas... which reminds me that I'M NOT THERE RIGHT NOW!! Ugh! I SO wish I was going to be at the TpT conference tomorrow. I have seen SO. MANY. PICTURES. from the SDE events and blogger meet-ups happening RIGHT NOW, and I have to admit, I'm jealous! So many of my sweet teacher friends are there having fun, learning, growing, and making strong friendships with some A-MAZING teachers! I'm not there because, family reunion is this weekend. We have it every year and if I missed it, I don't think I could face my family members ever again! But next year, NO MATTER WHAT, I will be there! I don't care if they decide to host it in Alaska, outside, and make us wear our bikinis in the middle of December.. [okay, I know that would NEVER happen, but you get the point, right!?] I WILL BE THERE!

But, until then, I am consoling myself with ice cream and working hard on more products to post.... I posted 4 within the last 24 hours! I think that's a new record! haha.... and to console all of us who aren't there having a blast in Vegas, my whole store is on sale through Sunday 20% off! Join me and throw a sale of your own if you wish you were in Vegas right now too! Link up with the picture below :)

The amazing Krista Wallden at The Creative Chalkboard made the graphics
and the fonts are [of course] from KG!

If you ARE in Vegas right now reading this... HAVE FUN! and keep posting those pictures! Though they make us a tad jealous, we are still loving seeing who you're meeting, what you are learning, and what Vegas looks like! :)


  1. I just found your blog today and love it! I have also been drooling over all of the Vegas pics! MAYBE next year, for me. I see that you had a blogger meet up in March! I live in Michigan, just a mile from the OH/MI border. Maybe I can join in next time!

  2. Hi Holly!! Yes, I am drooling over those pictures too! I've told my husband countless times "Everyone is in Vegas right.. I wish I was there." He's probably tired of hearing it! are not far from us at all in MI! Next time we meet up you will definitely have to come.. it was A BLAST! Don't be afraid to host one of your own too! I was so nervous that there would be no response, but it was actually overwhelming and turned out amazing! We will definitely be having an annual one now and I'll make sure you know! Are you on FB or IG? If so you can follow me on FB at O-H So Blessed or my IG is @tamilynnmo...I'll look for you too so you can get all the info about the next meet-up! and hopefully we can meet up at the TpT conference next year too :)