Sunday, August 3, 2014

SLANT box reveal!

Hey friends!

I am a tad late on my June/July SLANT box reveal {oops!} Hubby and I went to my cousin's wedding yesterday out of town, so we are currently in Michigan right now staying for the week to explore and visit family. Right now we are in the Detroit area.... today we went to the Greenfield Village. It was very cool! I have become quite interested in history as of late, so the teacher-nerd in me enjoyed all of the historical tid bits. I took LOTS of pictures and a few videos to use in history class with my kiddos this year. My favorite part had to have been Noah Webster's house! I saw the exact study where he worked on the dictionary and saw some neat original books he authored. They had a short video about him there as well, so I recorded it on my phone to show my students since we study him in history - I hope they are as excited about it as me! Tomorrow we are going to hit up the Henry Ford museum and tour the Ford factory... needless to say, my Hubby is quite excited about that! haha

Well, enough about all of that! Now on to your regularly scheduled blog post - SLANT BOX!

This month was my first month participating in the SLANT box and I am so glad I did! I wanted to jump in several times over the past few months but just never took the leap....well I am SO HAPPY I finally did! I met two FANTASTIC teachers and had a blast getting to know them! I got shop for the sweet Rachel who lives in Texas. Check out what I picked up for her on her blog here!

I met another super sweet girl who sent me this fantastic box of sunshine goodies! Every month of the SLANT box has a different theme. For June/July is was fittingly themed as ::sunshine:: and next month for August it is "My Hometown" I have already been talking with two more amazing teachers and as hubby and I drove to Michigan Friday evening, we brainstormed some fun ideas about our little town in O-H-I-O!

Well, here's what my dear sweet friend Lizzie sent me this month:

I was following along the #SLANTbox tag on IG like crazy and as soon as Lizzie told me she sent my box out I anticipated the mail lady's arrival every day! haha FIIINALLY it arrived on Friday and I was SO EXCITED I could barely snap some pictures! haha

I opened it up and BAM! :::SuNShiNe!

I just LOVE it all! The note cards are a bright colorful glittery chevron stripe and I can't wait to use them! I always write my students thank you notes for any gift they give me, so these will be perfect, along with the bunch of colored pens too! :)
I just LOVE the infuser mug with my initials! SO PERFECT! Orange is my favorite color, so she nailed it on the head! Hubby was excited about the package too, because he loves fruity gum and we hit the jackpot with a three-pack! :)

If you haven't heard of or participated in the SLANT box, I highly recommend that you check it out! It is an amazing way to connect with amazing people! I love shopping for thoughtful little gifts for people too, so it a lot of fun and something to look forward to! August sign-ups and matches are complete for now, but you can read more about the SLANT box, see a link-up with all of the other box reveals from this month, and stay connected for the September match-up! I hope you'll join us! You can learn about it here, with Jameson at Lessons with Coffee :)


  1. Hello! I just found you on the Midwest teacher blogger Facebook page. I'm starting a collaborative blog with a few Ohio bloggers if you're interested in joining. We'd love to have you! :)


    1. Hi Jennifer!! 

      That sounds absolutely amazing!! I've been wanting to start a Buckeye Blogger group/page/blog...this is perfect!! :) I'm so glad you found me!!! Let me know what I can do! 

      I look forward to talking with you! 

      Tami :)

    2. Yay!! I'm so excited! We're a small group so I'm happy to hear you're interested! I made up this form to collect everyone's information. If you'll fill it out, I'll send you the letter I put out just this week. I'm hoping to have something going by the end of the week/beginning of next. Here's the form:

  2. Love the glitter chevron note cards, they're so happy and sure to brighten someone's day with a sweet note on them! I bet you are enjoying your tea infuser with a bit of sweet n low. :)

    Love and the Librarian