Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happy 2015!

Hey friends!

I hope you all had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS with your family and friends and enjoyed your time off of school! I know I greatly enjoyed mine, but was also so happy to see my kiddos on Monday! It didn't last long though... we had THREE snow days Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday... so much didn't get accomplished! On top of that I will be attending our local ACSI Spelling Bee as a judge on Friday and then MLK Day is Monday! So I now have 2 four days back-to-back after a two day week following Christmas break! this. is. NUTS!

I wanted to take a second to show you the results of my winter bulletin board. I showed you in my last post what it looked like without our writing craftivity after I changed the titled and borders, but never posted the after picture!

Here's the "before" for a reminder...

and here is the "after" with our snow globe fiction writing and snow globe craft!

The snow globes were SO much fun and a *tad* easier than I expected!

Here's how we made them!

First, I had to find those clear, plastic plates! Not as easy as one may expect! I finally checked a party supply store and found a 40 pack for $9. There were some cheaper ones but they weren't as clear or "globe"-like. I figured I could make a 40 pack last for at least 3 classes, so I was okay with that price.
I traced one onto cardstock to make a pattern and then kept drawing & erasing until I had something that resembled a snow globe and used that for a pattern. I then traced it onto several different colors of blue cardstock I had and cut them out. I wanted to do that for my students so the edges were nice and clean, but you could have them trace and cut a pattern on their own.

The students then made a background.with their markers and made a pattern on the bottom of the globe with pencil. We then mixed up some white glue and shaving cream to make "snow" and they added it where they wanted on to their globes. We let them dry over night and they loved seeing how puffy the "snow" stayed the next day!

I had them dress up in their winter gear (as much or as little as they wanted) and took their picture in the hall. I showed them the example I was using on Pinterest and let them '"pose" however they wanted. I cut out the pictures after I printed them, and *luckily* they were the exact right size!

We used glue and glitter to decorate the patterns on the bottom (I LOVE glitter!) and when all was ready and dry, I used a hot glue gun to affix the plates to the paper. 

It was several steps but still basically pretty easy, and SO much fun! They loved using their imagination and seeing everyone's completed snow globes! 

I hope you have a BLESSED beginning to your 2015!

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