Saturday, January 17, 2015


Today's post is about, you guessed it! MATH!

We finished our geometry unit this past week, and it was a lot of fun! Though my favorite is multiplication (which is up next!) I have to say the change-up of lessons each day makes it fun too. Here's some things we did during our unit::

When we finished, I had an extra day that I needed to fill with an activity. Since I don't want to teach graphing at the end of the year all at once like my curriculum sets up, I decided to do two graphing activities with our INBs from Blair Turner at One Lesson at a Time. They are fantastic and I have several more posts about them to come! I like to teach graphing all year long, so I intermittently add in lessons about different types of graphing. We practiced making bar graphs and pictographs this time:

Since I am blessed to teach at a private, Christian school we are not required to teach the CCSS. Again, I know - I am blessed! So I get to teach content that isn't covered in the standards, but that also means a lot of the resources I purchase on TpT don't cover those concepts. So, I started making a growing bundle pack of INB activities. We were learning about ordered pairs, so I came up with this pick and plot activity. After making the pocket in their NBs and gluing in the grid, they pick a pair and plot it on the grid in the matching color with a marker. It was a great way to practice the skill and they had fun doing it too! 

Here's the growing pack I mentioned... right now, it comes with 3 activities: the ordered pairs pick and plot activity, a 3 types of angles sort, and a sort for types of lines. The beauty of this pack is that when you purchase it now at a lower price, you get more activities added to it over time and don't pay the growing price!

When we got to solids I was excited to finally break out this activity - building solid shapes with toothpicks and marshmallows! They LOVED it! It was a hands-on, engaging, YUMMY treat to practice building 3-D shapes and their attributes.

I LOVE teaching math and as I mentioned above, multiplication is up next - my absolute favorite of all! I have a whole new set-up for how I am going to be teaching it and will be sharing it with you in a series of posts in the coming weeks! Stay tuned and happy teaching!

Have a blessed weekend :)

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