Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy 100th Day!

Today's is just a quick little post to wish you HAPPY 100th DAY!!

Did anyone else celebrate their's today??

Since we celebrated Halfway Day ten school days ago we didn't do much to celebrate today. I diiid bring my kiddos a snack today to mark the occasion, though! I love spoiling them and they loooove snacks!

Here's my version of the 100 treat that has been around on Pinterest. Instead of giving them more cookies and sugar, I figured pretzels and crackers would work well.... but to change it up we went mini style! I gave them mini pretzel sticks and small Ritz cheese cracker sandwiches and they made mini 100s for the 100th Day! YUM!

They were a huge hit and definitely a hit and a treat to keep in mind for next year! If you haven't had your 100th day yet, I hope it's FANTASTIC!!

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