Sunday, February 22, 2015

Multiplication Fact Mastery: part two

So if you read the first post in this series, you saw how I introduce the basis of multiplication to my students with hands-on lessons...

After this, we connected what we did in making equal groups with manipulatives to repeated addition. We talked about it using several examples of multiplication problems and made the connection back to the previous day's lesson when I showed them this concept. Then, we worked through our workbook page that connected those repeated addition sentences to multiplication sentences. It was a simple page that many of my students complained was "too easy" (a phrase I reeallly don't like!) but was a perfect segue into future lessons. We did it as a whole group and talked through all of the connections we made as we worked.

Next, I introduced my students to the rules for the zeros and ones facts. They were SO excited to be starting multiplication facts and these two rules are a perfect introduction to the different rules and "tricks" for each set of facts that they would be seeing during our station lessons.

On the same day I introduced these, we started making flashcards. I know that it would be easier to go to the dollar store or Target Dollar Spot and buy bunch of packs for the students to practice with, but where is the fun in that?? and also, how does that make them meaningful?? I want them to really belong to my students, so we make our own every year. Yes, they are time consuming. Yes, it can be frustrating and some prep work for you as a teacher. BUT, my students LOVE making their own. They feel ownership over those cards and much more responsibility for them because they know how much hard work they put into making them every day. They look forward to making them yet can't wait to finish them all to fill up their ring! It is DEFINITELY worth it!

Here's a sneak peek at what the beginning of that process looks like. I'll be describing it more in my next post!

I know this was a short post, but my next two will be big ones!

Stay tuned in just a day or two to see how I set up and started my MATH groups and the activities I am using in each station!

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