Thursday, April 16, 2015

1K YAY GIVEAWAY! + a face lift!

After waiting for what seems like AAGGGGEEEESS! I have finally hit 1000 followers on IG! I am also suuupper close to 400 followers on TpT, and hit over 1000 views on my Erin Condren Post-It Planner video on YouTube in just 2 months - whoa! So of course I am saying YAY! and having a 1K giveaway!!

But before I announce it, I have to know....what do YOU WANT to win?? Instead of giving away something I love (been there, done that... several times) I want to YOU to win something YOU love! So tell me what you would love to see and stay tuned, because I'll be back in a jiff with details on how to enter! Be sure to follow me here, on Facebook, and on Instagram to be entered as much as you can! If it's something YOU would want to win, I'm sure you'll want to enter, right!!?

I also gave my blog a bit of a face lift with a slight design change and new color scheme... what do you think?! I am currently loving it! But am a big fan of change, so don't be surprised if it doesn't last long...ha!

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