Monday, April 20, 2015

Giant Multiplication Chart!

Thanks to the amazingly creative Mr. Greg over at Kindergarten Smorgasboard, I have such a fun activity to share with you today!

I saw him posting all over his Facebook and Instagram about completing a giant 100s charts with his 'staches, and instantly wanted to do something fun like this with my class. Since we are in 3rd grade, a 100s chart was too easy, so I made a multiplication chart instead. It took a lot of paper, ink, & cutting, but the result and student excitement was well worth it!

Here's a look at how we put it all together and how it ended up!

I printed the main header numbers 1-12 twice on the green paper from Astrobrights. I printed the rest of the rest of the numbers on pink, yellow, orange, and purple paper that I just put in random order. I recommend using cardstock for durability over the years, but I used what I had and for now it was fine. Hopefully it will hold up for a least another few years!

I laid out the 1-12 headers myself on the floor and explained the activity. I gave every student several number cards and then let them work. I didn't do anything the rest of the time but take pictures. The students took charge and did everything and I was SO proud of how they worked together AND KNEW THEIR FACTS! It was SO much fun - we will definitely be doing this again soon!

I also had to show my colleague (who taught 3rd with me last year and is in Kinder this year) the pictures of the activity because it was so much fun. We decided to try the 100s chart with our Kinder Reading Buddies (which is her class) and we can't wait to try it out!

If you want to try this with your class, CLICK HERE FOR THE MULTIPLICATION CHART! I included the picture and printing tips for you in the file too :) ENJOY!

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