Monday, August 3, 2015

BTS 2015 Prep: Bulletin Boards!

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Hey friends!! I am so excited to link up today (a day behind..oops!) with Ashley & Angie for the #2getherwearebetter linky!

Every month they host a link up that [in the words of Ashley herself] "brings teachers together to share among, collaborate with, and inspire one another!" How amazing is that?!?

So, I am here to talk to you more about my bulletin boards, specifically to show off  show you my latest creation as I was able to get into my classroom last week and begin my BTS prep for the new year!

This was the only board I was truly able to finish at the moment, but I hope it gives you some inspiration for colors, designs, and fonts to use in your classroom!

My FAVORITE color is orange! So, I was able to find a roll of fadeless orange bulletin board paper at school (score!) and hung that as my background. Then, I layered my borders. It's is one of my favorite things to do with border! I love how the white makes the border POP!, gives a straight edge finish, and highlights the scalloped edge of the border! You can see that I am pairing orange and turquoise in my room with year, so those colors will be represented throughout my classroom and other bulletin boards to come! 

Here's a close-up of the borders and font:
I'm in love! *swoon*

I used the font MTF Jumpin' Jack EXT for the banner title.. it's my new favorite and will be allll over my room this year!

I also like using thumbtacks to hang borders... it does just a little less damage to your borders than stapling, and sometimes (depending on the colors/patterns) you can hide them better than a staple!

I wish I had more to share with you right now, but I promise I'll be back with a TON more decor ideas and inspiration I get into my classroom later this week and next week! Our annual Back to School picnic is the 15th of this month, so I don't have tooo much time to get myself ready, even though we start back the 25th with the kiddos!

What do you think of this board? I hope it gives you some inspiration as you start back to school!

If you love it, you can purchase the banner title and rules here on TpT to save yourself some time! >>> CLICK HERE! <<<

You can click the picture below if you like the scalloped border and want to purchase it as well!


  1. Hi Tami! I just love the colors for your classroom! What are looking forward to most this year?
    Victoria Moller
    Teach With a Smile

  2. I love your decor style :) Thanks for sharing.
    @Wiley Teaching

  3. Absolutely LOVING those board and COLORS!!!! LOVE!!! :) Thanks for linking up, girl!

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