Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Book It: Reading Tracking Made Simple!

Do you and your students participate in the Book It program? If so, I have a simple and easy way for you to track your students' reading minutes!

I created these bookmarks that serve as a dual purpose: bookmarks & reading minute trackers!
It's this simple: every night that your students read for 20 minutes, they [actually - their parents!] punch a hole in bookmark with a hole puncher. At the end of the month, when all the holes have been punched, they turn it in to your for the Pizza Hut pizza certificate! That's IT! {I also told my students that parents could X or color in the circles with a Sharpie if they didn't have a hole puncher on hand!}

To make them, I just printed them onto Astrobrights colored cardstock, laminated them [so they would be more durable all month], and cut them out. When I passed them out to my students, I wrote their name on the back with a Sharpie and they put them in the pouch in their Take Home Binders for reading at night. 

Simple and DONE! I might just do this every month, it's just too easy!

Click the picture above to DOWNLOAD THEM FOR FREE!
I also included a second option that says "October Reading" in case you don't participate in the Book It program but want to have your students keep track of their reading at night. There are 24 circles, for 24 total nights of reading.


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